KALAA-SPANDAN is established to nurture & nourish the budding talents of Child, amateur artists & exhibit them in front of the world’s art connoisseurs & collectors through its in-house Online art gallery(www.indianartpromoter.com), competition & Exhibition like “Kalaa-spandan children art award”, “Kalaa-spandan art shows”, “Kalaa-spandan international art competition” etc. in India & Abroad. This is a first kind of academy in Mumbai which has got its own promotional & commercial outlets. Learning from this academy students can make a foray into the painting arena directly. Our teaching methods not only include drawing & painting but also various specialized craft training. Our Principal & navigator Mr. Gautam Mukherjii is a versatile artist, above 30 yrs of experience, Ex-principal of the art institute “Charu chittram”, gold medalist & renowned worldwide for his excellent, sensitive artworks.

Here is a brief about his theme of artworks & achievements in the artistic world:-
The great Indian artist, the subject of this critique, is Mr. Goutam Mukherjii, whose artwork is known and cherished both in India and other parts of the world. Besides painting, Mr. Mukherjii dabbles in poetry, short stories, and articles. Most of his written work is based on his paintings. No painting is done without some direction and desire in mind, and the artist's canvas is not altered with the brush by a force of habit and dull, uncreative repetition. In the typical routine of day-to-day life, the one thing that holds true is the ever-changing emotional behavior of people, which Mr. Mukherjii captures nicely in his classy yet realistic paintings. That's what most paintings do: they depict some aspect of life or a common behavior of humans. All paintings always carry a particular message, specifically a reflection of the artist's feelings. The surroundings used in the paintings are very unique and contrast each other, and it also proves minor details related to the main paintings -- this is how all the parts of the piece come together. There is much to appreciate in Mr. Mukherjii’s artwork, as it captures the days of ancient India where traditions created a way of life unlike any other, both unique in its theme and respectful to its heritage.
His Exhibitions:- Solo Shows -
1983:- “Vivekananda’s Life” Organized by Vivekananda Janmotsav Samity in Kolkata.
1984: -“Vivekananda’s Childhood” Organized by Vivekananda Janmatsav Samity in Patna.
1988:-“Vivekananda’s Bharat” Organized by Vivekananda Janmatsav Samity in Chennai.
1994:-“Tin Kanya” Paintings Exhibition at Calcutta Information Centre in Kolkata
1995:- “Bengali Babu 1” The virus life of theme Paintings Exhibition in Calcutta Information Centre in Kolkata
1996:-“Bengali Babu 2” Paintings Exhibition at Fainart Gallery in Kolkata.
1999:-“Babu Culture” Painting Exhibition at Taj Art Gallery in Mumbai.
2000:-“Drawing & Painting “Exhibition at Biswa Banga Sammellan in Kolkata Maidan.
2003:-“We & Our Children” Painting Exhibition at Jamaat Art Gallery in Mumbai.
2004:-“Sonar Bangla” Painting Exhibition at Jamaat Art Gallery in Mumbai.
2004:-“Sweet Bengal” Painting” Exhibition at Habiart Gallery, India Habitat Centre in Delhi.
2004:-“We & Our Children 2”Painting Exhi. at Renaissance Gallery in Bangaluru.
2005:-“Down Memory Lane” Painting Exhibition at Habiart Gallery India Habitat Centre in Delhi.
2006:-“Subh Vivaha” Painting Exhibition. at Jamaat Art Gallery in Mumbai.
2007:-“Kolkata’s Rickshow” Paintings Exhibition at Academy of fine arts in Kolkata.
2007:-“Ghare-Baire” Paintings Exhibition at Jamaat Art Gallery in Mumbai.
2008:-“Nostalgia” Paintings Exhibition at Genesis Art Gallery in Kolkata.
2008: -“Kolkata Karcha” Painting Exhibition at Privet Gallery in Jakarta, Indonesia.
2009: -“Family” Painting Exhibition at HK Fine art Gallery in Hong Kong.
2010:-“ Kolkata 2 Mumbai” Painting Exhibition at The artTrust gallery in Mumbai
2011:-“pother panchali” Paintings Exhibition at Pritha Art Gallery in Pune.
2014:-“ Chaarulata -50” Painting Exhibition at Jamaat Art Gallery in Mumbai.
1991:- “Calcutta Portrait” Painting Exhibition at Academy of Fine Arts in Kolkata, 1994:-“Babu Bibi” at Calcutta Information Centre in Kolkata
1996:- “Life O Line” at Calcutta Information Centre in Kolkata, 2001:-“Folk & Family” at Jamaat Art Gallery in Mumbai.
2002:-“Fifty Fifty” at Jamaat Art Gallery in Mumbai, 2006:-“Ganesha Our Boy” at India Art Gallery in Pune.
2008:-“Linggarseni” in Jakarta Selatan 12730 Indonesia, 2013:-Jahangir Art gallery auditorium hall in Mumbai. PARTICIPATED IN ART AUCTION & MEJOR SHOWS
!987:-All India youth art Competition Jamini Ray Birth Centenary.
2003:-The Gallerie Publishers present “The Rain” Paintings Exhibition in SAKSHI Art Gallery, Mumbai.
2003:-The Ahanksha Art Auction in Indigo, Mumbai
2004:-Anjali for Akanksha, in The Altman Building, New York.
2005:-Associated capsules worldwide Art Auction, in Joss Mumbai
2006:-Habiart present, art festival at Pragati maidan in New Delhi.
2006:- Wildlife in India, in Mall Galleries The Mall London.
2007:-Art Alive India Present “Emerging India”, Henry Moore Gallery at The Royal Art College of London.
2008:-Help Age India Art Auction, Hotel Oberoi at New Delhi.
2009:-Habiart Foundation Present “Art for Aged” at Visual Art Gallery India Habitat Centre in New Delhi.
2013/14/15:-Tata cancer society auctions at Taj lands in Mumbai.
GROUP SHOWS:- ABOVE “70” Group Shows, many Art camps in major cities of India and Abroad.
COLLECTION:- A.I.C.C. Office New Delhi, P.C. Office, Calcutta & Punjab, “Uttardeshe”Sweden, Kangawa Prefactual Govt. – Japan, Russia, Italy, Hong kong, Australia, U.S.A., London, Singapore, Indonesia, Iskcon Temple in Mayapur. J.P. Morgan, Mphosis, TCS, Highlight films, Vodaphone (Hutch), Times of India. Delhi, Private Collection of several paintings worldwide..

AWARD:- Award from Vivekananda Janmotsava Samity for Exhibition in Vivekananda’s life in 1983, 1984, 1988. The Best Portrait Award from Bhartiya Samskriti Samsad in 1999.The best selected Mascot Prize winner of Biswa Banga Sammelan Millennium Committee in Association with Cultural Association of Bengal, North America 1999-2000, Gold Medal in Kanagawa World Art Exhibition in 1997 from Kanagawa Govt.in Japan. He is the only Indian artist has been selected in International art competition 2015, organized by the Art Revolution Taipai, Taiwan.
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